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Volunteers Types

1) Electron Volunteer:

As electron represents energy and pro-activeness, these volunteers possess similar behavior and actively participate in all the meetings and events. They also inculcate all the self-developing skills that help them to achieve heights in every aspect.

2) Proton Volunteer:

With resemblance to proton that has charge but no movement, these volunteers though participate in events but never participate in meetings and other administration activities. These volunteers will get on-field experience but miss the self-developing skill such as talking skills, team building skills, etc.

3) Online Volunteer:

These volunteers provide their services through online by maintaining organization pages and website, publicizing all our ideas and works in different social networking sites, etc.

4) Intern Volunteer:

These volunteers provide their services for only a particular period after regular intervals. Internships in summer can be done on our projects which bags them a valuable experience and self-satisfaction.

5) Bala Volunteer:

These volunteers are those who are in their schooling. These volunteers will have more experience as they will be involved in activities from their childhood.

6) Virtual Volunteer :

As the name implies these volunteers prove their support and services to the organization in different forms according to their interests. These volunteers don't have any mandatory rules to follow. They include all employees, house wives and other elder people.