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Volunteers Departments

1) Public Relations & Development:

As name suggests this department works by interacting with public. This department internally monitor credit system, events information and meetings, special wishes, volunteer database, e-mails and messages. A healthy relation with sponsors and supporters comes under their external affairs. A recruitment cell also come under this department.

2) Sponsorship & Fundraising:

This department deals with creating and maintaining sponsor ships to provide funds for the organization. This department also deals with organising fun raising events.

3) Multimedia & Technical:

This department deals with 3 domains: posters and magazines designing, short films, events videos and documentaries editing, film making and capturing working stills and event pictures.

4) Event Organize:

This department deals with executing the event according to the prepared plan without any deviations. The responsibility of organising and participating in the event to make it successful lies with this department.

5) Publicity:

Generally publicity can be done in 3 domains; social networking, media and public speaking. So this department maintains and develops all these 3 domains throughout the year. They play major role in bringing the organization into the people.

6) Drafting:

This department deals with reporting events, magazines, posters, and power point preparation. Their main objective is to prepare all the activities in the written format.

7) Surveying & Planning:

This department’s objective is to visit various locations and do the literature survey on various social issues. They also provide the factual data and requirements for any future event which will help in preparing an event plan and an event report.

8) Administration Department

This department deals with all the administrative work such as maintaining office, tracking and storing all the information regarding every event and participation in all administrative activities which acts as a backbone of an organization.