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our inspiration

Mr. L. Bhaskar Rao

The man behind the formation of Youth Foundation for Society is Mr.L.Bhaskar Rao. He was born in Penasam village, Vizianagaram district in the year 1977.His father L.Ram Naidu was a farmer. From his childhood he used to have ideas about Social Service especially to Orphan Children and Old people. He completed his education in Bobbili, Vizianagaram district and started his Job career as a Government health assistant in Vizianagaram . Thus he found a way to do service to people. He had a dream of starting a old age home and educating some children. But financial difficulties and family problems prevented him to fulfil his dream. After few years he got a news that his Job was going to be permanent. This made him fortunate as this would provide him a path to do service to more people. He thought of adopting two orphan children and make them well educated under his guidance. But unfortunately he fell ill. This incident shattered his dreams. He died of extreme fever in the year 2011. After his sudden death we thought of thinking of him. His last wish made us to initiate an organisation- "Youth foundation for Society ".