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Star Of The year

Star Of the Year 2014.

Guru Venkata Sai.

"To organize an event one may not be in administrative position.A volunteer can do any thing with inner belief".This is proven by our volunteer Mr.Guru Venkata Sai, by his remarkable initiative in this year.He is studying B.Tech at K.L.University,Vijayawada.

He started working for YFS from October 2014.During December, taking support of only one volunteer, he organized an event at his home town Sri Harikota.He taught physics principles to students and illustrated them practically. An idea of him inspired other volunteers to strive more to serve the society.It's rare to have volunteers who have such interest and practical realizability of his ideas. He is now actively working under Vijayawada branch.Let's pat his shoulder for being YFS "Star of the Year".

Star Of the Year 2014.

Velaga Priyanka

"Women cannot lead men in male dominated society, especially in India".It is contradicted by the works of Ms.V.Priyanka, our volunteer from Vijayawada branch.During recruitment of Vijayawada volunteers, she was the only girl and all the other are boys.

.Recruiting team thought to have a girl-team for her.Perhaps they hadn't known that she is one-woman army.She single-handedly organized many events under YFS-Vijayawada.Inspired her friends to join hands with her in the service.Sometimes she funded from her purse,if required in case of emergencies.Her leadership,management mesmerized the organization.She is currently district coordinator of Vijayawada.She made her success mark in the events like Science expo,Food distribution,Republic day celebrations and many more. Hope that she would contribute more for the service.Ms.V.Priyanka is YFS "Star of the Year".
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Volunteer flexibilities and opportunities

How do we work?

Better society can be achieved only by the selfless work of the youth. We serve the society through our volunteers. Volunteers are our backbone of YFS. Through all our branches, volunteers are made to work under the guidance of respective Branch coordinators. Our volunteers approach the cause of a problem or put forth the ideas regarding the events, organize within and extend their hands in the service.

How do we benefit?

Volunteers being the work force, they are responsible for the key success of organization. Volunteer is free to express his/her opinions about any issue and is free to participate in the open discussions and debates during meetings. Volunteering brings a joy & satisfaction in their lives. Volunteer are flexible to join YFS by recruitment process through online or offline. Volunteers have a choice of working for either of our 10 missions. Timings are for them to work either daily, during week-ends or on public holidays.

Volunteering benefits include improvement of managerial, leadership, technical, social and communication skills. Besides these, working with different people make one cope up with the society and understand the life in a right way.

Want to change yourselves and society? Join us.