youth foundation for society

Running projects

YFS Swachh Bharat

Hygiene is two third of health. hence maintaining our surroundings clean and neat is our own responsibility. this project furnish the maintenance and cleanliness of all public places which results in a healthy society. We will spread awareness among people along cleaning our surroundings

YFS Rakth Dhan.

The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood.Every two seconds someone needs blood as more than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day. This project provides blood from various sources and help the required person in required time. Target we will collect 1,00,000 blood donors in 1 year .

YFS Prerana

Today's children are tomorrow's citizens so they should have a proper guidance to build their career. so this project provides knowledge regarding various career opportunities that an ordinary student have after 10th and intermediate to plan a successful career and become useful to the society. From 2015 on wards every year we will conduct this program .

up coming events

Independence day celebration at arphon school in Vizianagaram

.Recruitment 2015 in Vizianagaram