youth foundation for society

About us

“Youth Foundation for Society” (YFS) is a revolution which took birth out of the passion of the youth to give a helping hand to the society. YFS, a Non-Governmental Organization, started in March 2013 by Mr. P. Naveen Kumar in Vijayawada to stretch a platform for the Youth to indulge in societal development.

The Driving force for our organization is Late Mr. L. Bhaskar Rao. He was born in 1977 in Vizianagaram. Originating from a farmer’s family, he had a childhood zeal to serve the old and the orphans. When he was financially set he decided to adopt few children and care for their education. Unfortunately he was deceased by fever in 2011. His nephew Mr. Naveen initiated YFS to extend his last dreams to serve the society.

Youth are the ones who are responsible to the progress of the country. The energy and time of the Youth is unexploited by various means. Social evils are threating hurdles to nation’s development. India was developing country for many generations. This situation can be tremendously changed only by the youth. Awakening the ideals of great people of the India’s heritage and sowing them as seeds in the youths’ minds, YFS wishes rich harvest to the country for prosperity of people.

YFS has 9 missions to operate for various problems in the society. YFS volunteering is done by recruitment of service passionate youth. YFS conducts events, awareness camps, rallies, plantings and other services for the benefit of society. Our organization supports orphanages, old age homes, and other social organizations to embrace them in the social service. Our volunteers strengthen the organization and render service to the maximum extent. Contributions are made by volunteers and interested donors whose donations are liable to social service. Our goal is to involve every single youth in changing India’s fate.

‘Service to man is Service to God’ is renowned quote by Mother Teresa. Generosity is the unique quality of human beings YFS actively involves in serving the needy people who are short of food, clothing and shelter.

‘Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man’ is the definition given by Swami Vivekananda. There are many people in society who have ample of talent and skill but cannot receive education due to financial and family problems. YFS helps them overcome their barriers by providing ethical and financial support for education.

‘Vriksho Rakshati Rakshitaha’ a Sanskrit hymn says that protecting the nature protects man-kind. Global warming, pollution, plastics are caused due to the selfish needs of man. YFS endorses the acts of protecting nature by growing trees, using eco-friendly products and conserving energy.

Youth Foundation for Society is government recognized and Register No: 153/2014.
Youth aiding for progress of nation.
Empowering the youth and inculcating the fervour for social responsibility and enrichment of nation's pride in their minds