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our President

P.Naveen Kumar

People may perhaps think that I have interest in social service as a child and that being the reason why I structured YFS, but it is not true. I was never that interested in the welfare of society, but my uncle, Mr.Bhaskar Rao (late) was very much into social service. Every now and then, he would advise me to contribute something to the poor, elderly and the needy. For reasons unknown, I never paid attention to his words. But one day when he told me his idea of adopting two poor children, providing them education and also constructing an old age home, I was very much fascinated and thrilled by the very idea itself.

He overcame many financial difficulties to make his dream come true, but unfortunately he had his last breath on 3rd October 2011. I was then doing my +2 and had nearly forgot about his dreams with time flowing. A year passed away and on his death anniversary, I recalled my uncle s last words. As a part of my contribution to comfort his soul with peace, I went onto the streets, served food and donated clothes to the needy.If you like this you would probably enjoy

The following night, I could not sleep and then decided to do something for the poor. The only way I found to achieve my goal and my Uncle's dream was to start a dedicated organization. I told myself that if I am to change this society, then it should start from myself. From that moment, I started thinking about our society and present India more seriously.

I questioned myself,"Why is India still a developing country? Even small countries are doing best and becoming super powers. Don't we have resources? Don 't we have technology? Don't we have youth force today?" Now, I have realized social service is not just my interest or hobby but rather, it is a part of my life. Without it, my life would be incomplete. I wish the energetic youth of India to take action and bring an everlasting impact on our society.